Guide Reviews

Here you can find some of the many reviews we have received for our various e-Guides.

Cape Town:

The Guide to Decide: Cape Town was very exciting to read! While reading it I felt like I could not wait to get there already.
I think the security information was very helpful. The common sense things one can do to stay safe and all the helpful hints are great.
I love all the in depth info and descriptions of the areas to live in.

Jenna, USA

We already been on holiday to Cape Town so we were confident we knew what we needed to organize in terms of relocating there however my wife still decided to buy these Insider Guides. I am glad she did as they covered so much that we had not thought about. We are now prioritizing some things over others. Plus I can now see that a lot more business have opened since our trip 2 years ago and knowing about these is going to be really useful.

Philip and Jane, Germany


My husband and I found the Guide to Decide for Houston engrossing. It was extraordinarily useful and we enjoyed its light-hearted tone. A great way to get excited about the move, while also accessing all of the important information that you ‘need to know’ from people who have been there!

Kate and Nick, UK

We’ve relocated 4 times in the last 10 years so we are not new at this game, however we were finding it daunting to know where best to live in Houston and how to choose a school. This Houston guide has explained everything really clearly and we are now far more confident about the choices we are making. Unfortunately the companion guide – they call it the Arrive and Survive is not published yet but as soon as it is we will buy it as we have had such a positive experience with this guide.

Sarah, Ethan and Milly, UK

I am a single guy and I don’t have anyone to sort things out for me. I really liked the Decide Guide as I was quickly able to find out so much from this one single source. Am all sorted now in terms of where to live and what to expect in terms of my commute etc. Bit bummed I am going to have to take the Texas driving test!

Steve, Australia.

Kuala Lumpur

We were impressed with how much useful detail the Guide to Decide: Kuala Lumpur offered about every aspect of Expat life in KL. It gave us exactly the right information to enable us to move into the ideal location in KL right from the start.”

Jon, UK

My husband came across this website and decided to buy the Guide to Decide for KL as we are moving there in September. I was a bit doubtful but I have to say it’s brilliant. There is just so much useful information in it and talks about lots of things I had not realized would be important. We have now also bought the Arrive and Survive Guide KL and again it’s packed with so many details that are going to make the first few weeks and months so much easier. Both have been well worth the money. I am so excited – I can’t wait to get there now!

Louise and Matt, Australia

Even though there is already so much free advice available on line and in Fb pages about moving to KL I thought I’d risk the $15 on the first guide. I am very pleased with it. Really good, detailed information. I now have a much clearer idea where will be suitable for us to live and am considering a school that we were not previously aware of. I have now also downloaded the second guide to KL, the Arrive and Survive, and it is packed full of details that I can see are going to be really helpful. I am very impressed with the live hyper links so you can click to directly get to any website they mention.

Five stars! Would recommend these guides 100%.

James, New Zealand


Before I found this guide I had already done hours of research on line regarding our move to Dubai in 3 months but I thought $15 was good value for everything it promised. I have to say I am very impressed with how much balanced advice it has. I found out about a lot of key things that my previous research had not covered like about the rental process, how much up front fees will be payable and the fact that we have to pay the agent. I like the fact that it is not advertising driven (like so much else on line is) so that it feels very unbiased. I contacted customer service about getting the second guide but they are still working on it.  I am definitely going to get it as soon as its published – just hope that’s before we land.

Joanna, South Africa.

I have friends in Dubai and they have been great at answering my questions and I have found some good info on line but I still decided to download this guide as I did not want to be a pain and I thought $15 was not that much to pay considering how much relocating costs us! I found it to be really well written and explains things clearly. I have just now shown it to one of my friends who has been living in Dubai for a year and she thought it was excellent and said she really wished it had been available when she moved as it would have made everything so much easier.

Francesca, USA