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Created: 28th June 2016

Updated: 28th June 2016


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The Guide to Decide: Dubai eGuide gives honest answers to all the key questions expats considering a move to this thriving city will be asking and gives information about how to get the process started.

Security. Weather. Political Climate. Culture. Visas. Accommodation. Transport. Schools & Preschools. Healthcare. Cost of living. Language. Pollution. Pets. Domestic help. Shopping, Eating out. Driving licenses. Sports & Activities. Travel in the region.

What expect and what to bring.

And so much more!

Guide to Decide Dubai – “see inside”

Expat Insider Guides: Honest, unbiased, relevant and up to date.

About Karen - Author

My name is Karen Bird and I am a British Expat living in Dubai with my husband and twins. I grew up in London and after graduating from University I spent time living and working in Italy and Bahrain, both of which I loved.

In 2009, my husband was offered the chance to relocate to Dubai with his job and we decided this sounded like a great adventure.At the time our twins were three years old and our plan was to return to the UK for them to start primary school. However, we quickly fell in love with Dubai and our new Expat life and here and we haven’t left! The children are about to start secondary school!

We have embraced the cultural differences and continue to enjoy all this vibrant and diverse city has to offer. As part of the welcome team at my children’s school, I enjoy helping new Expats settle into life in Dubai. I’m constantly on the look-out for new adventures for myself and my family in and around the UAE and love to show our numerous visitors the highlights of Dubai.

I hope the Expat Insider E Guides to Dubai will help anyone considering moving here and that everyone who comes will be as happy here as we are.

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    Before I found this guide I had already done hours of research on line regarding our move to Dubai in 3 months but I thought $15 was good value for everything it promised. I have to say I am very impressed with how much balanced advice it has. I found out about a lot of key things that my previous research had not covered like about the rental process, how much up front fees will be payable and the fact that we have to pay the agent. I like the fact that it is not advertising driven (like so much else on line is) so that it feels very unbiased. I contacted customer service about getting the second guide but they are still working on it. I am definitely going to get it as soon as its published – just hope that’s before we land

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    I have friends in Dubai and they have been great at answering my questions and I have found some good info on line but I still decided to download this guide as I did not want to be a pain and I thought $15 was not that much to pay considering how much relocating costs us! I found it to be really well written and explains things clearly. I have just now shown it to one of my friends who has been living in Dubai for a year and she thought it was excellent and said she really wished it had been available when she moved as it would have made everything so much easier

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