How will I get my eGuide?
Can I print out the eGuide?
Why aren’t the eGuides free? Why do I have to pay?
Will I get an invoice?
Will you share or sell my details to a third party?
Why are the eGuides different prices?
Why don’t you have an eGuide for the location where we are going?
Why are there two relocation eGuides for each location?
How do I know that the information in the guides is correct?
What can I do if I have a question that is not answered in the eGuides?
How can I find a relocation expert in my new location?
Can I write the guide for where I live?
Are you going to be launching any other kinds of eGuides?
What is the “Share and Compare Survey”?
You don’t have an eGuide for my current location – can I still complete the “Share and Compare Survey”?
I moved to a new city a month ago – is it too soon to complete the survey?
Can I fill in the survey based on previous locations?
Will I stand to win a prize for completing the “Share and Compare Survey”?
Do I have to compete the survey in order to read the results for a city?