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All our guide writers live in the locations they write about, are experienced expats ‘movers and shakers’, with wide social networks.

They share all the key information you’ll need to know about what life is really like in your new city, how to find a house, how much you’ll need to pay in rent, the best areas to live, the schools, shopping, security, pollution, what to bring from home, domestic help, social media groups to you can join, whether you can get a good haircut….and so much more!

And be warned that we tell the truth – we don’t ignore or play down the bad bits about a place – like dreadful pollution or terrible crime rates.

Justine Guyton : Editor & Founder

Justine Guyton

Editor & Founder

Welcome to The Expat Insider E Guides!

We have created this site to help Expats all over the world when they are relocating.

I understand first hand the trials and tribulations of uprooting my children, my pets and my life to start all over in an unknown city.

I am a British Expat and thanks to my husbands’ job in Oil and Gas, we have lived in 6 locations across Africa, Asia and North America. We are now based in Houston, Texas, but back in 2012 we were living in Kuala Lumpur.

Whilst in KL I created a FB Page for Expats, wrote for one of the leading Expat magazines and ran my own Relocation and Orientation Business. I got a real kick out of being able to help newly arriving Expats settle in quickly & smoothly to their new lives.

So now, with the help of a select band of authors, I am excited to offer these Expat Insider E Guides, jam packed full of honest, up to date, relevant information to help relocating Expats understand what to expect in their new location and how to navigate those first few daunting days, weeks and months.

Plus Our Blog and FB Page will offer helpful information relevant to Expats all around the world.

e: HQ@expatinsiderguides.com

The Guide Authors

Chantal Bremner : Writer- Kuala Lumpur

Chantal Bremner

Writer- Kuala Lumpur

I am from Canada but Malaysia is my second posting as an Expat – our first was in Cape Town, South Africa. We have two sons – our eldest is 22 years old and is at University in Montreal, Canada. Our youngest child is 13 and lives here with us in Malaysia.

We have now been living in KL for 5 years and we could not be happier. We love the city, the people, the food, the social life, the easy travel and the cultural experience. I was proud to be President of the Canadian Association of Malaysia for 2 years and enjoyed welcoming new comers to the city, showing them around, answering their multitude of questions and helping them find their feet.

This is a great place to live and I'm excited to be able share my knowledge and experience with you in my Expat Insider Guides to Kuala Lumpur.

Sue McDermott : Writer - Capetown

Sue McDermott

Writer - Capetown

I am a British Expat.
Over the past 20 years I have been lucky enough to live in France, Italy and Australia.
Eleven years ago my husband and I decided to move from London to Cape Town to start up a relocation business helping foreigners here. www.spacesa.com

We have a 10 year old daughter and spend our weekends seeking out
the best restaurants (and wines!) in both Cape Town and the nearby Winelands!

Over the years I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of Expat families, from every corner of the globe, find their perfect home, choose schools for their children & start enjoying their new life in Cape Town. I am now delighted to share my knowledge and know how in the Expat Insider E Guides to Cape Town.

Fiona Gilmour : Writer -Houston

Fiona Gilmour

Writer -Houston

I am Fiona Gilmour, originally from Aberdeen in Scotland. I have lived and worked in Indonesia, Tunisia, Trinidad, USA and Australia.

My husband, myself and eldest child first moved to Houston in 2003 and stayed for 5 years.   Our 2nd and 3rd babies were born in Houston. Following 4 years in Brisbane we moved back to Houston in 2012 and are now permanent residents. Houston is home.

My background is in International Human Resources but I moved into the relocation industry in 2002.  I love what I do and enjoy helping clients move across the globe and find their new neighborhood, home, schools and settle in to Houston life as smoothly as possible.

Karen Bird : Writer - Dubai

Karen Bird

Writer - Dubai

My name is Karen Bird and I am a British Expat living in Dubai with my husband and twins. I grew up in London and after graduating from University I spent time living and working in Italy and Bahrain, both of which I loved.

In 2009, my husband was offered the chance to relocate to Dubai with his job and we decided this sounded like a great adventure.At the time our twins were three years old and our plan was to return to the UK for them to start primary school. However, we quickly fell in love with Dubai and our new Expat life and here and we haven’t left! The children are about to start secondary school!

We have embraced the cultural differences and continue to enjoy all this vibrant and diverse city has to offer. As part of the welcome team at my children’s school, I enjoy helping new Expats settle into life in Dubai. I’m constantly on the look-out for new adventures for myself and my family in and around the UAE and love to show our numerous visitors the highlights of Dubai.

I hope the Expat Insider E Guides to Dubai will help anyone considering moving here and that everyone who comes will be as happy here as we are.

Carolyn Gaither : Writer - Lagos

Carolyn Gaither

Writer - Lagos

My name is Carolyn Gaither and I have been an American Expatriate partner since 2006. Thanks to my husband’s job in the Oil & Gas industry, we have been fortunate enough to live in both Melbourne Australia and Lagos Nigeria with our two children who are now 8 and 10 years old.

During our three years in Lagos, I was the director of a large Expatriate outreach program, helping to guide and welcome over 70 Expatriate families from all over the globe. With a team of 5 volunteers, I managed the onboarding program, city and school tours, and organized annual events such as holiday parties, networking events, and charitable programs.

When I wasn’t working through my bucket list of travel destinations, I spent my free time hunting down hidden gems like coffee shops, fitness centers, and art galleries – anything to help my Expat community get the most out of their time in Lagos.

I love Expat life but as we all know “it’s the people that make the place” and I have made amazing friends along the way. I hope the information I have shared in the Expat Insider E Guides to Lagos will help you the way others have helped me!