About Our E-Guides

Our range of insider relocation eGuides have been carefully designed as the perfect resource for expats relocating to a new city. They offer honest, appropriate, useful and up to date information and advice.
There are two Expat Insider eGuides for each location:

  • Our “Guides to Decide” answer all the initial questions expats ask when considering, planning and organizing a move to a new location.
  • Our “Arrive and Survive” guides are jam packed full of highly practical advice to enable you to set up home, get organized, settle in and start exploring and enjoying your new city as quickly as possible and with minimal stress.


'Guide To Decide' Guides'Arrive and Survive' Guides

These guides are presented in a question & answer format and include the following kinds of information:

  • The Pros and Cons of the city.
  • Security.
  • Transportation.
  • Cost of Living.
  • Housing – the areas where expats live, type of accommodation and how much they cost.
  • Schooling.
  • The kind of Lifestyle to expect.
  • Activities and Sports on offer for both kids and adults.

and much, much more!

These highly practical guides explain now to:

  • Set up your household utilities and pay the bills
  • Set up a bank account,
  • Get around in the city,
  • Buy or lease a car (plus we’ll tell you whether you need a driving license and if so how to get one)
  • The best mobile phone provider to use,
  • Where to go grocery shopping.
  • What to consider bringing with you from home

Where possible we give tried and tested recommendations for doctors, dentists, orthodontists, hair dressers, manicures/pedicures etc. We list the expat societies and groups you might like to join and social media sites you will find useful.

We’ll tell you about our favorite restaurants, coffee shops and bars. We suggest outings & activities for those first weeks and months when you are not sure where to go or what to do…!
We include key insider tips to save you time & money, help you fit in and avoid offending the local population with cultural blunders!

and much, much more.

Some people chose to buy the “Guide to Decide” when they are first considering & planning a move and then purchase the “Arrive and Survive” guide just before they move.
Others choose to buy both eGuides at the same time.

If you moved to a new city just a couple of months ago not too late – it’s very likely that you will still find the “Arrive and Survive” guide for your new city very useful in the coming weeks and months.

We are also currently working on a range of Travel and Tourist eGuides to help expats get the most out the travel opportunities in their region and beyond. Watch this space!